On Saturday January 28, 2006 at 02:31, Firefighter Tracy Champion and the members of Engine 54 responded on Box 1233 (55th Street and Lancaster Avenue).  Once on location at 1721 North 55th Street they reported that they had a working fire.  A few minutes later the incident commander arrived on location and placed all hands in service.  The fire was placed under control at 03:04.
     Around 04:30 Firefighter Champion collapsed, after feeling ill, on the fire ground and a medic unit was requested to the scene.  Firefighter Champion was transported by paramedics to Lankenau Hospital where he passed away at 05:25.  Firefighter Tracy "Champ" Champion was 49 years old and a 21-year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department.  When not on duty at Engine 54, Tracy worked EMS duty for JeffSTAT at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and for The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Emergency Transport Team.  Tracy was also a veteran of The United States Marine Corps.
     He leaves behind a wife and two sons.  Firefighter Champion is the 285th member of the Department to make the ultimate sacrifice since the founding of the PFD in 1871.  He will be greatly missed.
Tracy "Champ" Champion
Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 54 / JeffSTAT EMS
Last Alarm:  January 28, 2006
He stares into the face of death without a second thought
To save that one special life that he so bravely sought
He has walked as close to "Hell " as any man could do
 He was proud of the job he did for people he never knew
He put his life on the line everytime that duty called
Doing what needed to be done without even a pause
He was a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance when saving someones life
Often he would say "it is my job" but we really know
That he is very special and was always ready to go
So when you hear the sirens wail or see the flashing lights
Stand aside and look with pride, their going to save a life.
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